Marathon Cocktail with Red Vermouth


Sunset Citrus Cocktail: A Sophisticated Summer Drink

Imagine finding yourself on a summer evening, with the sunset painting the sky in shades of orange and red. It’s in this picturesque setting that a cocktail with a unique flavor fits in perfectly. Let me introduce you to a drink that evokes summer memories and convivial moments: a sophisticated mix of citrus and spirits, perfect for toasting to life’s little victories.

The symphony of ingredients, from the freshness of lemon to the bold character of Slivovitz, blends with the elegance of Red Vermouth, creating an unforgettable gustatory experience. I still remember the first time I tasted this drink: it was during a gathering with friends, and since then, it has become my secret weapon for impressing guests.

The intense aroma combined with the simplicity of preparation makes it ideal even for those who want to dabble in mixology without being an expert. Follow the steps listed above and add your own personal twist: a caramelized orange slice will transform every sip into a memorable moment.

Are you ready to be conquered? Prepare your senses for this flavor marathon!

Recipe Notes

  • EASE: Quick and easy to prepare in just 5 minutes.
  • FLAVOR: A perfect balance of the bitter vermouth and the fruity aroma of slivovitz.
  • GARNISH: The orange slice adds a pop of freshness and color to the cocktail.
  • CALORIES: Approximately 150 Kcal per serving.
  • PREPARATION: Vigorously shake with ice for 15 seconds.
  • NUTRITIONAL NOTES: Low in calories, ideal for a special occasion.

Ingredients Notes for the Cocktail Recipe

  • Lemon Juice: Adds a refreshing and tangy kick to the cocktail
  • Red Vermouth: Contributes herbaceous and slightly sweet notes
  • Plum Brandy: Distilled from plums for a unique fruity touch
  • Orange Bitters: Adds a balanced aromatic and bitter touch
  • Large Orange Slice: Aromatic and decorative garnish for the cocktail

Nutritional Aspects

Let’s discover the benefits of our Refreshing Marathon Mocktail:

  • ? Packed with vitamin C from fresh lemon juice.
  • ? Rich in antioxidants from the splash of orange bitters.
  • ? The red vermouth contains digestive herbs and spices.
  • ? Only 150 Kcal per mocktail, a light and refreshing pleasure!
  • ? No added refined sugars, just the natural sweetness of the fruits.

Marathon Cocktail with Red Vermouth

The Marathon Cocktail with Red Vermouth is a balanced mix of lemon juice, red vermouth, and slivovitz, enhanced by a splash of orange bitters. Garnished with a large orange slice, this cocktail stands out for its freshness and aromatic complexity. Perfect for a refined aperitif.
Servings 1
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes



  • Take a shaker and fill it halfway with ice cubes.
  • Pour the lemon juice, red vermouth, and slivovitz into the shaker.
  • Shake vigorously for about 15 seconds to ensure the ingredients are well mixed and the drink is chilled.
  • Strain the contents of the shaker directly into a low, wide glass, ideal for cocktails.
  • Complete the drink with a splash of orange bitter to add an aromatic touch.
  • Garnish the rim of the glass with a large orange slice, delicately placing it on the rim or letting it float on the surface of the cocktail.


To add a unique twist to your Marathon, try lightly caramelizing the orange slice before adding it to the cocktail. This technique will not only enhance the aroma of the orange but also add a pleasant sweet and burnt note that pairs perfectly with the herbal notes of the red vermouth.
Author: Tips4Food
Calories: 150kcal
Course: Cocktail
Keyword: Calories, Herbal Notes, Ice cubes, Lemon juice, Marathon Cocktail, Orange Bitter, Orange Slice, Recipe, Red Vermouth, Shaker, Slivovitz, Twist

Variations of Marathon Cocktail Recipe with Red Vermouth

Add your own twist to the classic Marathon cocktail with these variations:

  • Swap out the lemon juice for orange juice for a sweeter, fruitier note.
  • Replace slivovitz with plum liqueur for a more delicate flavor.
  • Sprinkle in a pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg for a spicy kick.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Recipe

If you have any questions about how to make the Red Vermouth Marathon Cocktail, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some answers to the most common questions.

How can I personalize my Red Vermouth Marathon Cocktail?

You can add a unique touch by lightly caramelizing the orange slice before adding it to the cocktail to enhance the orange aroma and add a sweet, charred note.

What is the estimated preparation time for this recipe?

The preparation time for the Red Vermouth Marathon Cocktail is only 5 minutes, making it perfect for a quick cocktail to prepare anytime.

How can I ensure the maximum freshness and flavor of my cocktail?

The quality of the ingredients is crucial. Always choose a good quality red vermouth and squeeze fresh lemon juice at the moment to achieve the maximum flavor and freshness.

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