The Francisco is a refreshing and slightly sweet cocktail, perfect for hot summer days. Made with lemon juice, cognac, sugar, angostura, and chilled champagne, this cocktail is a blend of flavors that harmoniously come together. The preparation is simple and quick: just mix the ingredients in a mixer with ice cubes, fill a lowball glass halfway with the mixture, and top it off with chilled champagne. Gently stir and serve cold, garnishing as desired. Enjoy the Francisco and let yourself be captivated by its unique taste!


Total Time 5 minutes



  • Prepare the mixer and put ice cubes inside.
  • Add lemon juice, cognac, sugar, and angostura to the mixer.
  • Shake the mixer vigorously to mix the ingredients well.
  • Take a low glass and fill it halfway with the obtained mixture.
  • Add cold champagne wine to complete the cocktail.
  • Gently stir the cocktail in the glass.
  • Serve the Francisco well chilled and garnish as desired.


Add a lemon slice as a garnish.
Author: Tips4Food
Calories: 150kcal
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