Volcano Cocktail: The Original Recipe


The Vulcano Cocktail is an explosive drink in taste and spectacular in presentation. With only 150 calories per serving, this recipe is the ideal choice for those looking for a light but flavorful drink.

Thanks to its lightning-fast preparation time, just 5 minutes, the Vulcano Cocktail stands out as the perfect option to impress guests or cool off on a hot summer evening without spending hours in the kitchen.

Designed for those who love simple recipes with a touch of originality, this cocktail does not require cooking, making it even faster and more practical to prepare. A tasty and dramatic proposal that will leave everyone amazed!

Recipe Notes

  • DIFFICULTY: Easy and quick
  • ADVANTAGES: Low calorie content
  • DISADVANTAGES: No cooking time
  • PREPARATION: 5 minutes preparation
  • NUTRITIONAL NOTES: Only 150 calories per serving
  • IDEAL FOR: A special evening or a light appetizer

Notes on the Ingredients of the Vulcano Cocktail

Let’s discover together the ingredients that make this cocktail unique.

  • Dubonnet Vermouth: Provides a bittersweet sweetness, perfect for balancing the cocktail.
  • Gin: Choose a quality gin for a more refined and aromatic taste.
  • Sake: Adds an exotic and slightly fruity note, diversifying the flavors.
  • Lemon Juice: Freshness and acidity essential to balance the sweetness of the other ingredients.
  • Grenadine: Offers a vibrant color and intense sweetness, visually enriching the cocktail.
  • Lemon: Use the zest or a slice as a final decoration for a touch of elegance.

Nutritional Values of the Volcanic Cocktail

This alcoholic beverage presents an interesting mix both in terms of taste and nutrition. Here are some aspects to consider:

  • Vermouth Dubonnet and Gin, along with Sake, increase the calorie content of the drink, contributing to the 150 calories per serving.
  • Lemon juice, rich in vitamin C, offers a touch of freshness and benefits the immune system.
  • Grenadine, besides providing sweetness and color, can provide a modest amount of antioxidants.
  • Adding a slice of lemon not only decorates the drink but also adds a slight vitamin contribution.

However, like any alcoholic beverage, it is best consumed in moderation to avoid negative long-term health effects.

Volcano Cocktail: The Original Recipe

Servings 1
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • Shake in blender with a little cubed ice.
  • Serve in the flute, with a small slice of lemon.


For a modern twist, you can add a touch of ginger syrup for a spicier flavor.
Author: Tips4Food
Calories: 150kcal
Course: Beverages
Keyword: 150 calories, 5 minutes, Original recipe, Vermouth Dubonnet, Volcano Cocktail

Variations and Ideas to Reinvent the Volcano Cocktail

Exploring new variations of a timeless classic can completely transform the tasting experience. Here are some creative ideas to give a new life to this drink:

– Vermouth Replacement: For those looking for a softer flavor, replacing Vermouth Dubonnet with a sweet white one can be a great choice. This will gently change the aromatic notes of the drink.

– Adding Spices: A pinch of cinnamon or ground ginger added directly into the shaker before shaking can introduce a surprisingly warm and pleasantly spicy touch.

– Citrus Variation: If you love more fruity flavors, try adding a few drops of fresh orange juice to the original recipe or replace the lemon with lime for an even more tropical version.

– Creative Decorations: Instead of the classic lemon slice, dare with exotic garnishes like a sprinkle of red berries or a small edible orchid to make each glass visually stunning.

Remember that the key is to experiment: every modification leads to discovering new taste dimensions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions from our readers.

How to prepare the Volcano Cocktail?

To prepare the Volcano Cocktail, simply shake Vermouth Dubonnet, Gin, Sake, Lemon Juice, and Grenadine in a mixer with a little ice cubes. Then, serve in a flute glass with a small slice of lemon.

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