Iced Orange Blossom Cocktail Recipe


Refreshing Citrus Gin Cocktail Recipe

When the heat is on and you’re seeking refuge in the cool embrace of a cocktail, nothing is more inviting than a drink that evokes the breezy scent of blossoming citrus groves. Imagine being able to savor the essence of the Mediterranean in a sip: today, I’ll guide you in creating this refreshing cocktail, perfect for your summer evenings or as a special treat for your guests.

I still remember the first time I sipped this enchanted blend under the orange sunset sky. Each drop seemed to tell a story of sunshine and sea. And now it’s your turn: gather the ingredients, grab the shaker, and let yourself be carried away by the intense aromas that only the combination of gin and citrus can offer.

With just a few simple steps, you’ll create something that goes beyond a mere beverage: a sensory experience to share or jealously guard. The sweetness of the orange merges with the intensity of the gin while exotic notes dance on the palate thanks to the magical touch of Curaçao. And let’s not forget that pinch of elegance provided by the final garnish! Get ready to toast to the beauty of life’s little pleasures with your new favorite drink.

Recipe Notes

  • EASE: Quick and easy to prepare in just 5 minutes.
  • FRESH FLAVOR: Refreshing cocktail with citrusy and aromatic notes.
  • VARIATIONS: Add tonic water and garnish with herbs for a twist.
  • PREPARATION: Shake, mix, strain, and garnish the cocktail.
  • NUTRITIONAL NOTES: Approximately 180 calories per serving.

Ingredients Notes for the Cocktail Recipe

  • Gin: provides an aromatic and fresh base alcohol
  • Orange juice: adds vitamin C and natural sweetness
  • Curaçao: gives color and orange aroma to the cocktail
  • Lemon juice: provides balanced acidity to the mix
  • Orange essence: intensifies the citrus aroma of the cocktail
  • Crushed ice: refreshes the cocktail without diluting it too quickly
  • Orange for garnish: adds a decorative and aromatic touch to the drink

Nutritional Aspects

Let’s discover the nutritional benefits of our Iced Orange Blossom Cocktail:

  • Vitamin C from the orange juice, great for the immune system.
  • Antioxidants found in citrus fruits, helpful against free radicals.
  • Hydration and freshness thanks to the water content of citrus fruits.
  • A cocktail that provides about 180 calories, perfect for a light toast.
  • No added fats, ideal for those following a balanced diet.
  • Low sodium content, helps maintain water balance.

Iced Orange Blossom Cocktail Recipe

Fiore D'arancio Ghiacciato is a refreshing cocktail made with gin, orange juice, Curaçao, lemon juice, and orange essence, served with crushed ice and garnished with orange. An elegant and aromatic mix, perfect to surprise your guests.
Servings 1
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes



  • Take a shaker and pour in the gin, orange juice, Curaçao, and lemon juice.
  • Add the orange essence to intensify the citrusy aroma of the cocktail.
  • Fill the shaker with crushed ice until it reaches about half of its capacity.
  • Close the shaker tightly and shake it vigorously for about 8 seconds to chill and blend the ingredients perfectly.
  • Choose a champagne coupe or an old-fashioned glass as the serving container for your cocktail.
  • Strain the contents of the shaker into the chosen glass, being careful not to let the ice pieces fall.
  • Garnish the rim of the glass with the half slice of orange, adding a touch of color and elegance to your Icy Orange Blossom.


To give a special touch to your cocktail, add a splash of tonic water to create a fizzy effect that will surprise your guests. Additionally, you can decorate with a sprig of rosemary or mint for an aromatic contrast that will enhance the citrusy flavors.
Author: Tips4Food
Calories: 180kcal
Course: Cocktail
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Variations of Icy Orange Blossom Cocktail

Make your cocktail uniquely yours with these delightfully refreshing variations:

  • Add a splash of Prosecco for an extra fizz.
  • Swap the orange juice for grapefruit juice for a more bitter note.
  • Opt for orange liqueur instead of Curaçao for a more intense flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Recipe

If you have any questions, I’m here to help!

How can I make the cocktail more bubbly?

Add a splash of tonic water for a bubbly effect.

How can I creatively garnish the cocktail?

Add a sprig of rosemary or mint for a flavorful contrast.

How can I reduce the calories in the cocktail?

Use sugar-free orange juice and light Curaçao to cut down on the calories.

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